University of South Florida

Department of Criminology

College of Behavioral and Community Sciences

USF Trafficking in Persons - Risk to Resilience Lab

Our People Our People
Lab Director
Joan A. Reid, Ph.D., LMHC
BRIGHT Project
Shelly M. Wagers Ph.D., Principal Investigator
Kailey Pate Carter, M.A., Project Manager
Faculty Affiliate
Bryanna Fox, Ph.D.
Calli M. Cain, Ph.D.
Colby Valentine, Ph.D.
Fawn Ngo, Ph.D.
Ieke de Vries, Ph.D.
Jessica Grosholz, Ph.D.
Mateus Rennó Santos, Ph.D.
Michael Baglivio, Ph.D.
Monica Landers, Ph.D., MSW
Roberta O'Malley, Ph.D.
Sandra Stone, Ph.D.
Tiffany Chenneville, Ph.D.
Graduate Student Research Assistants
Amanda Connella
Arturo Garcia
Emily Walker
Jessica England
Joy Rodriguez
Kaci Crook
Katherine Holman, J.D.
Klejdis Bilali
Rebecca Ruiz
Sarah Gardy
Undergraduate Student Research Assistants
Bressia Borja
Delaney Newman
Ellarose Royce
Emily Walsh
Kathryn Bacho
Maria Ramirez
Nathan Gibson
Stefania Grillo