University of South Florida

Department of Criminology

College of Behavioral and Community Sciences

USF Trafficking in Persons - Risk to Resilience Lab

Current Projects Current Projects
An Evaluation of the Turn Your Life Around (TYLA) Prostitution Diversion Program
Dr. Fawn Ngo, Dr. Mateus Renno Santos, & Dr. Joan Reid
And Boys, Too!
Dr. Sandra Stone, Dr. Joan A. Reid, Dr. Colby Valentine
BRIGHT (Bridging Resources and Information Gaps in Human Trafficking)
Dr. Shelly M. Wagers, Dr. Joan A. Reid and Dr. Sandra Stone; Project Manager: Kailey Pate Carter
Comprehensive Evaluation of a Local Anti-Sex Trafficking Organization
Dr. Jessica Grosholz, Dr. Sandra Stone, Dr. Brian Turnbull, and Dr. Fawn Ngo
Context Matters? The Role of the Social and Ecological Context in Increasing Risk of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking
Dr. Joan A. Reid, Dr. Ieke de Vries, Dr. Michael Baglivio
Development of Trauma Bonding Measure
Dr. Joan A. Reid and Dr. Tiffany Chenneville
Evaluation of OPTION Court
Joan A. Reid, Ph.D., LMHC, Mateus Renno Santos, Ph.D., Fawn Ngo, Ph.D., Tiffany Chenneville, Ph.D. 
Examining the Prevalence, Needs, and Perceptions of Services among International Victims of Labor Trafficking
Dr. Fawn Ngo
Field Testing and Evaluation of a Family Reunification Program for Girls Exploited in Human Trafficking
Dr. Colby Valentine & Dr. Joan Reid
Profiling Recruitment Tactics of Sex Traffickers in the United States
Dr. Joan A. Reid 
Survey of Services and Limitations of Human Trafficking Service Providers
Joan A. Reid, Ph.D., LMHC; Shelly M. Wagers, Ph.D.; Kailey Pate Carter, M.A., Kaci Crook, M.A., Ph.D. Student