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Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000
Journal Articles
Personality traits and male vulnerability to commercial sexual exploitation victimization.
Nightmares and Flashbacks: The Impact of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children among Girls Placed in Residential Care.
No Youth Left Behind to Human Trafficking: Exploring Profiles of Risk.
Sex Trafficking of Girls with Intellectual Disabilities: An Exploratory Mixed-Methods Study.
Human Trafficking of Minors and Childhood Adversity in Florida.
Entrapment and Enmeshment Schemes Used by Sex Traffickers.
Applying General Strain Theory to Youth Commercial Sexual Exploitation.
Family-Facilitated Juvenile Sex Trafficking.
Exploring the Impact of Alcohol and Marijuana Use on Commercial Sexual Exploitation among Male Youth Using Parallel-Process Latent Growth Curve Modeling.
Gender Stereotyping and Sex Trafficking: Comparative Review of Research on Male and Female Sex Tourism.
Risk and Resiliency Factors Influencing Onset and Adolescence Limited Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Disadvantaged Girls.
On the Relationships between Commercial Sexual Exploitation, Substance Dependency, and Delinquency in Youthful Offenders.
Age-Graded Risks for Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Male and Female Youth.
Rapid Assessment Exploring Impediments to Successful Prosecutions of Sex Traffickers of U.S. Minors.
Exploratory Review of Route-Specific, Gendered, and Age-Graded Dynamics of Exploitation: Applying Life Course Theory to Victimization in Sex Trafficking in North America.
An Exploratory Model of Girl’s Vulnerability to Commercial Sexual Exploitation in Prostitution.
Exploited Vulnerability: Legal and Psychological Perspectives on Child Sex Trafficking Victims.
Doors Wide Shut: Barriers to the Successful Delivery of Victim Services for Domestically Trafficked Minors in a Southern U.S. Metropolitan Area.
Doors Wide Shut: Barriers to the Successful Delivery of Victim Services for Domestically Trafficked Minors in a Southern U.S. Metropolitan Area.
Books and Book Chapters
Human Trafficking and Intimate Partner Violence.
Human Trafficking and the Darknet: Technology, Innovation, and Evolving Criminal Justice Strategies.
The benefits of long-term residential treatment for adult victims of sex trafficking.
System Failure? Is the Department of Children and Families Facilitating Sex Trafficking of Foster Girls?
Clinical Practice with Commercially Sexually Exploited Girls with Intellectual Disabilities.
Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking.
Human Trafficking: Contexts and Connections to Conventional Crime.
Sexual Victimization of the Disputed Victim.
Trauma Bonding and Interpersonal Violence.
A Girls’ Pathway to Prostitution: Linking Caregiver Adversity to Child Susceptibility.
Toward Evidenced-Based Human Trafficking Prevention.
Other Publications
Human Trafficking. The International Encyclopedia of Ethics.
File review research with child victims of sex trafficking.
Internet Sales of Minors.
Effects of Child Sexual Abuse.
Child Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking.
Child Pornography in the Twenty-First Century: From Child Pornographic Exploitation to Youth Sexting.
Human Trafficking. In Wesley Jennings (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment
News Articles
"This is an Issue": USF Unveils New Human Trafficking Research Lab
BRIGHT Network to Connect Human Trafficking Victims with Critical Care and Resources to Transition into New Life
Campaign to Fight Human Trafficking Raises Awareness as Super Bowl LV Approaches
Dr. Joan Reid, USFSP Deploy New Weapon in the Fight Against Human Trafficking
Florida Lawmakers Look to Ban Hourly Motel Rates, Increase Penalties for Human Trafficking
Grand Opening of New Research Lab to Combat Human Trafficking in Florida
Human Trafficking Awareness Day Tuesday; House Member Files Bill
Innocence Sold: Foster System a Pipeline for Child Sex Traffickers
Is There a Connection Between the Super Bowl and Human Trafficking? Here's What the Experts Say
No, the Super Bowl Isn't the Largest Sex Trafficking Event
Proposed Legislation Would Establish Campus Trafficking in Persons Lab as the Repository for Human Trafficking Data In Florida
Sex Trafficking Around the World is Increasing
Tracking Human Trafficking: Small USF Team Creates Statewide Database
UFS Human Trafficking Research Lab Working to Create "Awareness Database"
USF Creates First Centralized Human Trafficking Incident Database
USF Launches BRIGHT Network to Help Human Trafficking Victims
USF Researchers, Students Study Court Program to Help Sex-Trafficking Victims
USF Researchers, students study Selah Freedom Court Program to Aid Sex-Trafficking Victims
USF's New Research Lab Could Become Statewide Hub for Human Trafficking Data
USFSP Opens Doors to Human Trafficking Research Lab
Presentations: Webinars
"Myths and Facts of Child Sex Trafficking" with Dr. Joan A. Reid, May 20, 2022 at the Mel Greene Institute to Combat Human Trafficking
"Stealing Lives: Human Trafficking with Joan Reid”, January 31, 2022. The Criminology Academy, Podcast hosted by Jose Sanchez and Jennifer Tostlebe, Colorado University, Boulder.
"The Understudied Pathways into Labor Trafficking", June 8, 2022. Justice Talks, Podcast hosted by Dr. Shelby Hickman. Center for Justice Research and Innovation of the Center for Naval Assistance.
“Development of Trauma Bonding Measure in the Context of Commercial Sexual Exploitation” (2022) presented by Joan A. Reid for The Group for Research and Intervention on Children’s Social Adjustment (GRISE), Université de Sherbrooke, Quebec